Not even Home for Christmas

Being  a professional athlete can be very exciting and at the same time very stressful. These players are constantly traveling to different cities all across the united states and the rest of the globe at times. On television these players make it seem like they love doing it for their passion for the game, but deep down do they really like all the travel? Lets look at the NBA. There are 82 games in a regular season. You also have to factor in summer league and the playoffs. Some players are forced to go to off season games and just sit on the bench, sometimes not even in uniform. Now most will argue and say these guys are being paid. Should they really be complaining? If I was the player of course I would be complaining. I am being forced to go to games I am not even playing. I could be spending time with my family or doing something else to better myself for the regular season. I feel the only players that should be required to go to these games are players the organization wants to see play that summer.

Christmas is a time for being with family and celebrating the Holiday. The NBA has games scheduled on Christmas day. At first I did not see a problem with this. Every Christmas my father and I would watch the top teams go at it. The more I matured I realized that these games could impact the players families. This forces players to celebrate the holiday earlier than normal. This could be troublesome because your family members you typically see have jobs they have to be at. The players could take their wives and kids with them, but what if that is too much for the children? The NBA has to realize that these players have family that wants to be with them. As a young child it may be cool to see your dad on TV. As you age you start to realize your father may not be able to see you as often. I firmly believe that a Father Figure has to heavily be involved his family as much as possible. Now during the regular season it is understandable that players have to travel for away games, but on holidays those players should be spending time with their family. They should not always have to worry about work.


Author: Adam King

Upcoming sports broadcaster and sports writer. Basketball and Baseball fanatic.

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