They are Humans too

The world of professional sports contains spectacular athletes. These athletes have been doing what they love since they were young children. Growing up, these athletes played kids in their communities as a way of having fun and learning the sport better. Some of those kids were able to develop better and play for travel teams. These teams still had the fun mentality, but the main focus was winning. Travel leagues got these athletes ready for college. After college only the best of the best go on to play professionally. Some athletes only play one year in college and go straight to the pros. This is something I don not agree with. These players get full ride scholarships for four years of school and only go for one. A lot of athletes that do this are not physically as well as mentally ready for the next level. This is very popular in basketball and football. Lets look at the NBA first. Your typical first round draft pics are one and done’s. These players were your typical stars in high school that went to a big name college that may have had a great season, but they were surrounded by players who possessed the skill level they had. A couple days after the draft the players typically sign a big contract. This is exciting for the players, but the NBA knows that they are gonna need a agent. Giving an 18 year old kid 5 million dollars can be damaging to that athletes well being. The NBA has to understand that money can change someone. for example lets look at Roy Tarpley. When drafted this guy was well on his way to becoming the leagues new best re-bounder. Unfortunately he did not use his money for the rig ht reasons. He became a coke addict, which caused him to miss games and blow his money on drugs. The NBA along with every other professional sport has to realize these young kids are still human. These players still wanna have fun, but by giving them all this money they can do the things they couldn’t do growing up. This could be getting drugs, buying expensive cars, and believe or not tattoos. Some professional athletes have actually lost a substantial amount of money due to all the ink they add to their bodies. I don not see professional sports looking into this more because its all about making money. If a player takes a turn for the worse, well another one bites the dust. It is tragic and it will be acknowledged, but in reality it is still just about making money.


Author: Adam King

Upcoming sports broadcaster and sports writer. Basketball and Baseball fanatic.

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