“Supreme Decision”

The NBA features the greatest basketball players in he world. These players come from different backgrounds and different personalities. Some of these players like to feature their personalities through tattoos. Tattoos in the NBA really did not become popular until the early 2000’s. In the 90’s we saw Dennis the worm Rodman feature some of the most bizarre tattoos and hairstyles. Today some players have most of their body tattooed. Players that come to mind can be Chris Anderson, J.R Smith, and Monta Ellis. Is there really anything wrong with this? According to the NBA tattoos that involve explicit terms and actions need to be covered up at game time. As a fan I agree with this. There is something I do have an issue with. Let us take a look at J.R Smith, one of my favorite players and a good all around role player in the NBA. Recently Smith got a tattoo with the brand name Supreme on the back of his leg. Most fans when they saw this thought nothing of it besides it being interesting. Supreme is a fashion brand based out of New York City. The flashy clothing is a favorite among athletes, rappers, and entertainers. The products are known for being over the top and expensive. The NBA has decided to fine Smith unless he covers the tattoo up. Upon the verdict being released fans were outraged with this. The NBA says you must cover up tattoos that involve explicit material. What in the world does the name Supreme do to offend anyone? The NBA does not have any affiliation with the brand. That can be one issue right there, but even if that’s the issue what harm does it do if it is just a couple players. The NFL has had a couple players where Supreme based cleats in games and they have not been fined. The NFL just like the NBA does not have any affiliation with the brand. So why is the NBA stressing this so much? If it is because of affiliation issues than this rule should have been in place a while ago. What if a player had Supreme tattoo for most of his career and all of sudden he was told he would be fined. Everyone knows that would not be fair. Something other than Smith having a Supreme tattoo had to of occurred. Hopefully this gets cleaned up so the NBA can just focus on basketball and not small things like this that hurt no one.


Author: Adam King

Upcoming sports broadcaster and sports writer. Basketball and Baseball fanatic.

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