Rant Time

Ok it is time for a rant. The Golden State Warriors really do struggle without their star point guard Stephen Curry. The game against the Clippers really chapped me. First hats off to the LA Clippers they are currently leading the west. When was the last time that happened? Going back to the game, the Warriors have probably the best isiolation player in the game in Kevin Durant. All Draymond Green had to do was give Durant the ball and the game was a seal. Instead Green chose to dribble the ball up the court himself and make a complete fool of himself falling over as the buzzer sounded. The Warriors would go on to lose the game in overtime. It is what happened after Green did his little mistake where things got really interesting. He and Durant would go on to argue at the bench regarding the previous play. Green got really bold and decided to bring up Durants free agency exclaiming how the oraganiaztion didnt need him. This landed green a one game suspension. Now the rant begins. Draymond is probably the most valuable expendable player on that team. He is good yes but the Warriors could win just enough championships without him. For him to say they do not need Durant is the most absurd statement ever said. Durant brought two more championships to that organizations on his own. Yes I said that. The Warriors could not have won those last two titles without him. That was the Warriors answer to LeBron James. So I say get rid of him. He just brings trouble to that team. His comments kill that teams morale. During Paul Pierces final season Green yelled out at him saying “these fans dont really love you, you aren’t no Kobe.” First of all Pierce is a first ballot Hall of Famer any day of the week. Second I do not care how much work Draymond Green puts in, he will never work as hard as the truth. Finally Pierce will forver be a better person and a better player. I am tired of Draymind Green trying to act like the NBA bad boy. It is so easy to get underneath his skin. He has cost his team many opportunities due to his childish beavior. At first the idea of a player working to get under a players skin was cool since we have not seen it as much since the early 2000’s. This has just gotten plain annoying and I am tired of it. If the Warriors organization was smart they would get rid of him.


Author: Adam King

Upcoming sports broadcaster and sports writer. Basketball and Baseball fanatic.

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