The Duke”Monstars”

Tell me a team who is going to stop the Blue Devils this seaon. That’s right no one. This is the most dominating basketball team I have ever seen. In their first home game against the Kentucky Wildcats they put up 118 points and won the game by 34. Who does that against John Calpari? The freshman record for most points in an opening home game was beaten by both R.J Barret and Zion Willaimson. Not only were these two dominate the whoel team played as one driving force that blew the wildcats out of the water. So I will go back to ” who is going to beat them”? In their second home game they played the Army cadets. The funny thing is Army put up the best fight so far. The reason for this is because of the Cadets play style. Army is one of the very few teams who still plays old school basketball. This is where see plays being run, all 5 guys touch the ball, and defense is first priority. This could hurt Duke in the playoffs becasue if you have a team better than Army with the same play style that could be the team to knock Duke off. An isolation team is exactly who Duke wants to play. They are too fast to go one-on-one with.  When you have a Euro-ball style team the devils become exposed. That game against Army the Blue Devils looked lost on a couple defensive possessions. The backdoor pass is what killed them the most.  I would also like to see sophomore guard Alex O’connell used more often. When he is in the game he provides a spark from 3 point range and he is the bruiser who will take one or two charges for you. This is also probably one of the first seasons where Coach K utilizes his bench the most. In the past 3 games we have everyone but 3 guys get into the game consistently. I like this a lot because the team looks more fluent and focused. When you stick to the same giys for two long morale can go down, which causes players to not trust their coach. One thing the team should have taken from the Cadet game should have been how Army played like a team. Luckily for fans the team wont likely see a team like Army untill March Madness. So until that time fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the thrilling show of the most dominating Duke basketball team to ever play.


Author: Adam King

Upcoming sports broadcaster and sports writer. Basketball and Baseball fanatic.

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